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seeking justice on behalf of our clients

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Seeking Compensation For Grieving Families

Losing a loved one is always difficult – especially if their death was caused by another person’s wrongful or negligent actions. If your loved one suffered a wrongful death, it’s important to understand your family’s right to compensation. Beeman Heifner Benge can guide you through the legal process.

Understanding The Requirements Needed To File

In Indiana, the personal representative of the victim’s estate is the only individual who has the legal right to file a wrongful death claim. This does not mean that the family won’t recover compensation, though. Immediate family members and dependents are beneficiaries of the victim’s estate, which means the lawsuit will be filed on behalf of them. If compensation is awarded, it will go to the family members rather than the personal representative.

If the victim was a child, the parents have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit. If the child’s parents are deceased or no longer have parental rights, the lawsuit can be filed by the child’s legal guardian. To recover compensation in a wrongful death claim, you must be able to prove the following elements:

  • The victim is deceased.
  • The victim’s death was caused by the defendant’s wrongful or negligent actions.
  • The victim’s surviving family members have suffered losses as a result of the victim’s death.

The key to winning compensation in a wrongful death claim is establishing a link between the defendant’s actions and the victim’s death. Proving liability is not easy, which is why it’s best to seek legal representation from the wrongful death attorneys at Beeman Heifner Benge. Our team will conduct a thorough investigation to gather the evidence that we need to prove liability and recover the compensation your family is entitled to by law.

Schedule A Free Consultation With Our Wrongful Death Lawyers In Anderson

Nothing can make up for the tragic loss of your loved one but filing a wrongful death claim can provide your family with the financial support you need to move forward. Surviving family members typically have two years from the date of their loved one’s death to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party. Schedule a free consultation regarding your case by calling 765-234-1783 or filling out the form on this website.