The daily drive to work through congested traffic might not prove bothersome to everyone. Perhaps some commuters in Indiana become used to driving their vehicles to work every day. Unfortunately, a disastrous accident on the road might change opinions about commuting. Some may wish to think about switching to taking a train or bus. The significant change could help someone avoid a possible car accident.


Statistics indicate that roughly 40,000 people suffered fatalities in 2016, with 24% of incidents occurring during morning and evening drives. Both morning and evening reflect times when people commonly go to and from work.

When more people are on the road, a greater number of drivers end up exposed to risk. The assumption that “slow-moving traffic jams” decrease the chances for accidents may not be entirely correct. A snap decision by an upset and impatient driver to drive through a red light could lead to him or her hitting a pedestrian or another vehicle.

No one knows what will or won’t happen while commuting. However, looking at fatality and injury data may lead some to start thinking about alternatives to driving to work during troublesome rush hour times.


Accident figures in a particular region might be worse than others. Some areas could present several public transportation options and flexible schedules. If the local area appears to experience more crashes and the buses run fairly frequently, maybe a commuting change is worth considering.

One day, years of good luck may run out, and even a careful driver could end up in a car accident. Taking the train or riding the bus might provide a less expensive and less dangerous travel method. However, no form of commuting comes without risk — anyone traveling on public transportation benefits from being careful, as buses and trains experience mishaps, too.

A motor vehicle accident, also known as an MVA could happen anywhere, but congested commuting times might increase collision risks. No matter when, where, or how a driver or pedestrian suffers an injury, discussing legal options with an attorney might be advisable.