seeking justice on behalf of our clients


seeking justice on behalf of our clients

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Seeking Justice For Workplace Discrimination Victims

There are both state and federal laws that prohibit employers in Indiana from discriminating against workers based on their race, religion, sex and age. Unfortunately, these laws are not enough to stop some employers from engaging in discriminatory practices. If you are a victim of workplace discrimination, you could be entitled to compensation. Contact the skilled employment law attorneys at Beeman Heifner Benge as soon as possible to discuss your rights.

What Discrimination Looks Like

Discrimination is the practice of treating someone unfairly or differently than others due to one of their protected characteristics. It can take many different forms, and some are far more subtle than others. Some examples include:

  • Terminating an employee
  • Refusing to hire a job applicant
  • Denying an employee a promotion
  • Issuing a pay cut to an employee
  • Assigning an employee unfavorable hours or shifts
  • Denying an employee certain work-related benefits that they are entitled to
  • Refusing to make reasonable accommodations for an employee as required by law
  • Excluding certain classes of candidates when recruiting for an open position

These actions constitute illegal discrimination if they are motivated by someone’s race, religion, color, sex, disability, veteran status, national origin, ancestry or age. Their decision must have been primarily motivated by the victim’s protected characteristic.

Employers can be held legally liable for engaging in discriminatory practices. However, you cannot file a discrimination lawsuit against your employer right away. First, you must file a claim with either the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the Indiana Civil Rights Commission (ICRC). They will review your claim and decide if it warrants an investigation. We can help you navigate this process.

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There’s no time to waste – seek legal representation from the experienced employment discrimination attorneys at Beeman Heifner Benge at once. We are committed to helping workers in Anderson take legal action to protect their workplace rights. To schedule a free consultation, call 765-234-1783 or submit your information using our online contact form.