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Protecting minor employees under a new Indiana law

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2022 | Employment Law

Schools are no longer responsible for tracking employed students. Under a new law, employers in Indiana must register any employees who are minors. They are required to input the minor’s information into a new registration system.

The YES program

Since 2020, a new Indiana law has changed the ways that minors age 14 to 18 are employed. Starting July 2021, minors must be registered into a new statewide system called Youth Employment System (YES). Work permits are no longer required for minors.

School administrators are no longer responsible for monitoring underaged workers. They may continue to help balance a minor’s work and school schedules. The employers are now responsible for registering minors and maintaining records of all the minors they employ.

Helping employers and young employees

There are federal employment laws that define nationwide standards for employer responsibilities and employee rights. In addition, Indiana labor laws define the specific requirements of the employers and how they should register their employees. If an employment law is violated, the first issuance is a warning letter. The next violations are often fines that vary from $100 to $400, according to the Indiana Department of Labor.

Streamlining the process of employee registration

Employment laws are necessary so that all employees have the right to receive fair pay and treatment. Minors are employees who have similar rights. However, child labor laws limit their full range of abilities, such as how long they can work each day. In addition, the state requires their names to be entered into a registration system. The purpose is for the state to track their schedules and ensure that their employers are following the rules.