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What do assault and battery charges mean in Indiana?

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Being accused of a crime can be frightening. When the crimes are as serious as assault and battery, you may worry about your future. You may also wonder exactly what the charges mean in the state of Indiana.

What do assault and battery mean?

Although assault and battery are often used together, they actually refer to separate acts. Assault occurs when you cause someone to believe they are under the threat of harm. Battery refers to the actual physical act of harming another person.

What are common defenses against assault and battery?

Just because you are accused of committing assault or battery does not mean that you are guilty. You still have the right to defend yourself in a courtroom. Common legal defenses in assault and battery cases may argue:

  • There was no attempt at force.
  • You were engaging in self-defense.
  • Your actions were not willful.
  • You are being falsely accused.
  • You never actually touched another person.

What is aggravated assault?

Simple assault and battery charges are often classified as a misdemeanor. Aggravated assault is a felony charge and refers to any assault that involves:

  • Serious bodily harm
  • Intention to commit another serious crime
  • Use of a weapon

What are the penalties for assault and battery in Indiana?

Typically, an assault and battery charge carries fines of up to $5,000 and a year in jail. If you are charged with aggravated assault, you could end up with a felony conviction that carries up to 16 years in prison.

Assault and battery charges can result in long-term consequences

Even though assault and battery are typically misdemeanor charges, they can still keep you out of certain jobs due to their perception as violent crimes. If you are charged with a felony, you can lose out on job, housing and schooling opportunities. These are serious charges, and you should start taking steps to protect your reputation and future today.