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Protections exist for reporting workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2022 | Firm News

Are you an employee who has experienced workplace discrimination? Did you know that only 1% of those who receive discrimination report it? Residents of Indiana may want to learn more about the legal protection that is in place when it comes to reporting.

Statistics about claims

According to reports and the EEOC, workers filed approximately 67,500 reports of discrimination in 2020. Studies have shown that race, disability, sex, age, national origin, color, religion and even genetic information are protected by government law. Also increasing in numbers are reports of retaliation for discrimination claims.

Disability claims head the list of reasons for discrimination. Second in line was discrimination based on race; it made up 32.7% of claims. Discrimination based on sex made up 31.7%, giving it third place.

You may face retaliation

The reality is that workers who file discrimination claims may face retaliation from their employer. However, there are protections against retaliation in place for you if you file a discrimination claim.

Coverage for complaining

Whether you are part of an investigation of discrimination, you act against it or you complain about it, you have protection. Your employer cannot demote you because you made a complaint about discrimination. This includes a discrimination complaint involving your coworker.

Who does the law protect?

You receive protection if you are a current employee or applicant. Former employees and third parties who have a close relationship with the employee who experienced discrimination also fall under this protection. Did you know that you may receive compensation even if you are not the discriminated employee, but you report it?

Laws are in place to protect workers from discrimination by employers. They are also in place to prevent retaliation for the reporting of discrimination that you witness.