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3 signs there is age discrimination at your workplace

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2021 | Employment Law

Age discrimination is a common problem in many workplaces in Indiana. However, age discrimination is often so normalized in work environments that people tend to overlook it. If you are at or over the age of 40, you are legally protected against age-based discrimination at work. Here are three signs that you are being discriminated against at work:

#1: Ageist comments and assumptions are rampant

There are a lot of ways bosses can slyly put down older workers without overtly violating employment law. Terms like “fresh face” and “energetic” are sometimes code language for younger workers. Saying an older worker is “set in their ways” can also be coded language for “too old.”

Sometimes it’s not the words, but the assumptions, that indicate ageism. If your boss assumes you don’t know how to use a tablet, for example, this could be an example of age discrimination. Constantly getting passed over for job tasks that involve technology could create a hostile work environment.

#2: You notice social segregation outside of work

Spending time with your coworkers and boss outside of work can build social bonds that lead to opportunities. If work parties and events are always happening with no invitations extended to older workers, there could be a culture of age discrimination at your workplace.

#3: You are being denied work opportunities

The most financially damaging part of age discrimination is that it can lead to a loss of work opportunities. Whether you were laid off from your job or passed over for a promotion due to your age, the consequences of this type of age discrimination are measurable. While the emotional toll that age discrimination takes can’t be measured, it is still a very real consequence.