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Mistakes to avoid after a car accident

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2021 | Personal Injury

Many drivers in Indiana have been in at least one automobile accident. If you get involved in a car accident, this can sometimes leave you wondering what to do next. Here’s how to avoid three of the most common mistakes people make after a car crash happens.

Using a mechanic based on insurance company referrals

After a car accident occurs, most people understandably want their automobiles fixed right away. Considering that, you might assume that the best place to find an auto body shop is through an insurance company. Unfortunately, insurance companies might be eager to refer you to a mechanic that provides services at low costs. While nothing’s wrong with saving money, these lower costs might be because this mechanic uses low-quality parts or does shoddy work. Instead of relying on an insurance provider to find a mechanic, take the time to find an independent auto body shop.

Assuming you’re not injured after a minor crash

As you know, car accidents range in levels of severity. Severe accidents can cause fatalities or serious injuries, along with lots of vehicle damage. Other accidents might barely cause any damage to your automobile. If you got involved in a minor accident, an insurance adjuster might try to persuade you into thinking your injuries aren’t serious. However, there is no correlation between the severity of a car accident and the likelihood that it will cause any injuries.

Neglecting to get medical treatment

Another one of the most common mistakes after a car crash occurs is to not seek medical care. Even if you assume that you have minor injuries or none at all, it’s always advisable to schedule an appointment with a health care professional. Plus, getting medical care is often a key factor in having a valid personal injury claim.